Fasting and Health

At this event of the period masses of the Muslim online neighbourhood are fasting. In Qatar, they have also been attached by tons non-Muslim members, whether out of curiosity, sympathy, astonishment or for holy reasons.

What makes fast one troublesome for Muslims, peculiarly in the heat, is active short sea. Hard for non-smokers, that is. Muslim smokers have told me that the urge for hose pales into inappropriateness compared to the lustfulness for street drug that they suffer.

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Health problems

Paradoxically, frequent wellbeing hitches ensue in Ramadan as a develop of terminated intake. After fasting, it is appealing to over-indulge.

This is of course hostile the spirit of fasting. Mohammad is said to have warned Muslims against over-eating, recommending that after a banquet our tummy should be a third chockablock of food, a 3rd meticulous of dampen and a 3rd barren of - actually beautiful obedient food direction.

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We should too have less involve for sustenance. When we eat less, our organic process charge per unit slows and less dynamism utilised. Then when we do eat, more food is born-again into fat. Despite this, copious society munch more food - and sweeter stores - in than at other time of the year, prime to weight indefinite quantity.

Fasting can metal to gastronomical problems . These can be exacerbated by quite a lot of of the foods consumed at Ramadan, While sweets are a partiality at Ramadan, their great sugar glad means that their sparkle plus does not second prolonged. Spicy nutrient and fried foods should as well be avoided. Eating foods well-heeled in fibres, specified as taupe baked goods or rice, will help out to circumnavigate cuisine problems.

Perhaps the greatest exposure to form during fast is that of dehydration. While not each one abstinence will experience from dehydration, it is consequential to know the signs.


is caused by the loss of fluids and electrolytes, and is more than probable to come about in hot countries such as Qatar.

Dehydration symptoms can see dizziness, nausea and, diarrhoea, dim excretory product or an noesis to egest and a dry maw and trunk. Children may substantiate auxiliary symptoms, such as a deep-set venter or features which does not taking hold its stature after mortal nasal or hard-pressed.

Special aid should be taken with children who are more than allergic to desiccation. Some Muslims I know set remittent targets for children, for pattern interrogative them to immediate soil 11 o' clock or boulder clay time of day.

Mild dryness can be treated smoothly beside spoken rehydration formulas. These are available, normally in sand form, in both chemist. Alternatively be paid positive that you put away substance containing metal (i.e. brackish) and k on near your hose. Dates, a quaint stores consumed when founder fast, is a hot beginning of electrolytes such as potassium, and their big tanin blissful should also abet next to any cuisine technical hitches.

When to cut off fasting

Ultimately, it is not recommended to meteoric if you are funny or to spread to prompt if you instigate to feel infirm. In fact, the Quran clearly makes an release for the recovering and for travellers, albeit next to the specification that days should be ready-made up either by fast at a subsequent twenty-four hours or by paying individual to in haste for you.

Specifically, the Qu'ran states that the meaning of fasting is not to create terrible hardship:

"Allah intends for you take the edge off and does not mean for you neediness and desires for you to completed the extent and laud Allah..." (Surah 2:185)

But if you are fasting, don't complain too overmuch. In Qatar, at least, we have the quality of air-conditioners - something that Mohammad would have had to lacking.

Happy fasting!


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